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                  Goderich, who began amassing land partly on the advice of Commander Henry Wolsey Bayfield*, a family connection. In 1832 Taylor arranged the
                  Struthers’s Scottish-born father had immigrated to Cape Breton in 1847 and married an islander. In 1855 the family relocated to Bayfield, on Lake Huron south of Kincardine. John Struthers appears to have
                  Bayfield Williams and Robert Neil McNeill. Named a qc in 1899, MacKinnon became president of the Law Society of Prince Edward Island the following year. He was also law agent
                  charging fees for docking), as well as the development of nearby Bayfield as a commercial port. Largely because of his effort, the federal government spent more than $600,000 on Goderich harbour. That the
                  , Ont. He stayed for a short time in the village of Bayfield and was then appointed by the conference a missionary to the Indians of Oka (Kanesatake), Que. Except for the year he spent in Lacolle from
                   Oct. 1872; 21 Oct. 1890; 26 Feb. 1915; 18 May 1924. F. J. Bayfield, “Hon. Israel Wood Powell, m.d
                  Bayfield*], the building of the Rideau and Welland canals
                  , Fanny Amelia Bayfield [Wright*], and George Hubbard, on the other hand, provided documentary accounts of life in 19th-century North America
                  also wrote to Captain Henry Wolsey Bayfield
                  . His mother, of Scottish and Welsh stock, was born and raised in Bayfield. Frank was the second of their five children, all born in Montreal, where John Scrimger was the pastor of St Joseph Street
                  Bayfield*, who had first learned surveying on the ice in February 1816 under Owen’s instruction, was left to complete the work when Owen returned to England in June 1817
                  van Tuyll* van Serooskerken in selling lots in the Bayfield Estate in Huron County, and in 1857 he was selling
                  Bayfield* and Peter Frederick Shortland* well into the 19th century. While in
                  there was dull, so the Robsons moved to Bayfield. That April John married in nearby Goderich. When, on 1 April 1859, the brothers dissolved their partnership, John, leaving his wife and two young
                  Bayfield* . Although he had few idle moments, Shanly craved more advancement and celebrity. Despite his early conviction that “no credit” could come to
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