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Death on the Battlefield


Over 61,000 Canadians perished during the First World War. Most, including Talbot Mercer PAPINEAU, met death on the battlefields of Europe:

“Papineau was promoted acting major in August 1917. Late that October the regiment was moved to Passchendaele as the spearhead of an assault. It attacked at 6:00 a.m. on 30 October. Papineau’s last recorded words before going over the top, spoken to Major Hugh Wilderspin Niven, were ‘You know, Hughie, this is suicide.’ He was hit by a shell as he left the trench.”

The biographies of Papineau and 29 other soldiers who died on the Western Front appear under the names of the battles in which they fell. Read their stories by exploring the list of biographies.

Mount Sorrel, 1916
Regina Trench, 1916
Cambrai, 1917
Moreuil Wood, 1918
Valenciennes, 1918
Neuville-Vitasse, 1918
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